Top 9 expensive yet interesting hobbies you want to try

Hobbies are activities you do to pass time while you are having fun. These can come in different forms, and they can be anything under the sun as long as you enjoy doing them. 

Although, are you not curious about discovering what kind of hobbies are considered expensive? If you want to know, Textura Trading provides you with a list of the interesting but expensive hobbies you can do:

  1. Photography

Taking pictures as a way to preserve memories is a good thing since you can have a physical copy of the good times. This is the common purpose of photography, but others aim to take the hobby a notch further by purchasing expensive camera builds, equipment and film. 

At first glance, photography can be an easy and accessible hobby because everyone has a phone camera to point and shoot at different sceneries. Although, achieving the desired aesthetics and quality is another way of achieving the kind of photos you have in mind. That is where you start to invest in branded cameras that will help you reach your visions. 

Cameras nowadays are state-of-the-art, and they can provide you with multiple settings that can manipulate the light that enters your lenses. The technological part of its creation is what makes these devices expensive. On the other hand, film photography is no different since you have to pay tons of money for film rolls, development and printing. 

While photography in general is expensive, it is a fun hobby to take in because it allows you to think outside the box. Seeing shapes and linearity in the world is a great skill to have since it makes you more creative and explorative. Additionally, using the lens of a camera as your second eye allows you to see things from a different perspective. 

  1. Scuba diving

Being one with the water is a breathtaking feeling because you get to see the sunken beauty of the ocean. However, your limitations as a human prevent you from appreciating the underwater universe. Though thanks to technology, one can easily stay submerged in water for hours with the use of scuba diving.

Scuba diving is a fun hobby to adopt in your life since it shows you secrets that the world does not know about. 

Unfortunately, you need to pay a hefty price just to get such a privilege. Before you get the clearance on diving, you need to be a licensed diver first. This means you need to take several diving classes before you are certified. On top of that, scuba diving gear such as oxygen tanks and wetsuits will cost you a lot.

While scuba diving can be an expensive hobby, you are also paying for the experience you cannot find elsewhere. The chance to have close encounters with marine animals is priceless as well as discovering new sights at the bottom of the ocean. In a way, the money you spent will come back to you in terms of fulfilment.

  1. Figure skating

You can never find the thrill of gliding on ice and feeling the wind under your arms anywhere but in figure skating. This popular hobby is recognised as a sport, but skating enthusiasts can still enjoy the art without needing to compete in tournaments. Appreciating the jumps and spins on ice is a sight to behold, and it also inspires you to learn them yourself.

Before you reach that stage, you need to know that figure skating is one of the most expensive sports or hobbies because of its numerous demands. These include taking lessons of varying difficulties, purchasing equipment and having flexibility classes to improve your form on ice. Calculating the expenses for these can make you reach thousands of dollars, which often can be discouraging. 

Despite that, figure skating is a hobby that will last you a lifetime since it provides you with bodily health benefits. Staying active on ice can maintain your balance, flexibility and physique. In turn, you are enjoying your money’s worth in an indirect yet beneficial way. 

  1. Collecting art

Appreciating art is one thing, but collecting is another. Art collecting is a fulfilling hobby because getting your hands on rare creative pieces is priceless. Although, every artwork has a price as a means to support the artist, and these can reach staggering amounts. 

With that said, it is normal to question why art collecting is so expensive. The easiest way to answer this question is the fact that you are purchasing an intellectual property of a person. Artists go through severe pressure and stress just to master their craft, and the effort of making one is difficult to put a price on. Because of this, artworks have gargantuan costs. 

  1. Collecting sneakers

One of the wonders in the world is the hobby of collecting sneakers. Footwear enthusiasts would bend all over and do anything just to look at limited edition shoes. 

People outside of this bubble can see this as an absurd way to spend one’s money. The common question is always this: ‘what is the point of buying shoes if you have no intention of wearing them?’

The rebuttal of sneakerheads is always going to be the feeling of having limited edition pairs. Given the exclusivity of some shoes, they are also treated as physical assets with high values. Selling them in the market gives you the possibility to earn a lot of profit. Additionally, some people are ready to pay you instantly just to get the pair they want.

Since sneakers have value, the collectors would go through multiple extents on caring for their assets. Some do not even wear their shoes so that the pair would not encounter any flaws or damage that will bring their value down.

  1. Travelling

Travelling is also a form of a hobby because it is human nature to explore and satisfy one’s curiosity. As exciting as it seems, it is also an expensive hobby because you need to consider your lodging, flight tickets and other travelling expenses. From a general view, you need to prepare a handful of money just to make your trip to different countries possible.

Aside from that, you also have to consider the power of your citizenship since some passports require you to process tourist visas. These require you to pay a hefty sum of cash, and you also have to go through a long process of evaluation before you receive a go signal.

  1. Cosplay

Dressing up as your favourite character is a dream since it would be as if you are living as them in real life. But before you reach such a state, you need to go through multiple plannings and expenses. This includes working on your costume, searching for the correct wig colour and crafting the props. Altogether, these would cost you a lot of money, especially if you want to make your work as accurate as possible.

What makes cosplay an expensive hobby is a fact that you will only use your costume and props for one big time. However, other people would find ways to reuse their old items and repurpose them into something that they can use for a new cosplay. But other than that, the amount of time, money and effort you need to spend on this hobby is demanding.

  1. Skydiving

Adrenaline junkies are always up for trying out thrilling activities that will make them feel alive. One of them is skydiving, and it is a hobby that gives you fun and an expensive price. You are paying for the numerous equipment, health insurance, aeroplane fees and company accommodations. These are needed for you to ensure that your skydiving experience is safe. 

Other than that, the fees for skydiving cover more than what you think. Aside from the gear, you need to ensure that the ground crew and instructors are experienced and top of the line. Without them, you can have an unpleasant experience.

  1. Taking care of exotic animals

Some people have a penchant for taking care of exotic animals because they find the beauty of these beings unique and exquisite. Their extraordinariness is what makes them expensive in markets. On top of that, the species of exotic animals are hard to find given their rarity, which explains their high prices.

Aside from that, the maintenance of exotic animals is also pricey since they need special care. These include installing specialised terrariums and feed options. 

Reading the list of expensive hobbies will make you wonder if they are worth your money. The only way to find out is to dip your toes into unchartered waters to see if the activity is something you will love! If you want to know more about different types of hobbies, Textura Trading is here to share with you everything you need to know.

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