Paint types to use for your next artwork

Painters are talented individuals who can beautifully convey their concepts through their artworks. As long as they have the right tools and paint, they can already send out a message with just one image on their canvas. With that, it is important that they choose the right paint. 

If you’re planning to work on a painting project, it is highly suggested that you learn about each one’s unique texture and finish. This may depend on what you wish to produce so it’s best that you analyze what you want to do before choosing which paint to use. 

Here at Textura Trading, we give you advice on how to improve your craft as it works as part of your hobbies. To help you choose the right one, here are some facts you may wish to know about the most common types of paint: 


This is one of the most popular paint types and it takes a lot of time to dry. What people love about it is its  thick consistency which makes paintings look more textured. It’s also very pigmented. 

This type of paint often contains strong toxic materials and can be a little messy to use. Still, people frequently choose this for its vibrant colour. It is also known for providing extensive coverage and blending in well with other colours.


Some prefer using acrylic since they are easier to use than oil. It dries quicker, it’s non-toxic, and is also cheaper than the latter. This type of paint is also water-soluble, making it easier to clean any mess it comes with. It also holds better than oil and is not prone to having a cracked or yellowish appearance. 

This paint is perfect for delicate brushwork and staining methods. Painters will love this since it has excellent pigments, colour strength, and longevity. It is also quite simple to use on canvas or watercolour paper.


Another widely used paint is watercolour. This is incredibly simple to use and reasonably priced. Children typically use this to paint arbitrary shapes and patterns for school projects.

Its pigment is suspended in a water-based solution. Its paint remains liquid even after drying since its layers are somehow translucent. This enables artists to correct their work easily. Aside from paper, this can also be used on leather and fabric. 


This paint has a rich colour pigment and is wax-based. This multipurpose paint doesn’t contain any solvents. This works best on absorbent surfaces and is extremely durable. Painters who want to use this need a heat source, some metal tools, and encaustic which is a heated liquid wax.

These are just some of the paint types you can use to create your next artwork. Make sure to check other Textura Trading posts and see what appeals most to your interests!

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