Textura Trading: 5 unique hobbies for creatives

Hobbies are a great way to relieve some stress and learn new skills. If the creative process interests you, check out this list of hobbies that challenge you to make new things!


If you’re the kind who gains satisfaction from being able to use the finished products of your crafts, leatherworking is a great source of gratification. Leather is a versatile material. You can learn to make small accessories, belts and bags, or even book covers. 

The best part about leather crafts is the different skills you’ll learn along the way; you’ll learn how to sew, learn the creative process of making a piece, and design. It’s a great skill to learn if you’re looking for a bit of a challenge.


Ready to get your hands dirty? Pottery can be a messy process, but the results can look stunning. Another medium that you can mould into whatever you like, you have the choice to make anything you want as a potter. Make a unique centrepiece for your living room, a vase for some fresh flowers, or even just a cute little mug for some morning coffee. You can create whatever comes to your mind.

It’s easy to find a class that caters to complete beginners if you look online. They can provide you with the basic necessities including some clay, a potter’s wheel and any tips and tricks for making a beautiful piece.

Creative writing

Anyone can be a writer. You can start with something simple; a few lines of poetry or a short story. Creative writing is a diverse field that you can explore. The beauty of writing is that it doesn’t take much for you to start—you can go for the traditional pen-and-paper route, or type out your thoughts. It’s a great way to get your ideas flowing.

Creative writing has the power to heal your inner self. If writing stories isn’t your cup of tea, you can begin with journaling your thoughts. You can use this as a chance for you to self-reflect on some things and have them feel like tangible things on a piece of paper rather than abstract ideas in your head.

Model building

Do you have a keen eye for details and the patience to handle miniature figures? Then model building may be for you. This is a niche hobby that involves creating and assembling tiny models of just about anything. From plane models to dioramas depicting scenes, the possibilities are endless.

Beginners can find kits of different models that you can put together and paint making it a hobby that’s suitable for anyone at any skill level.


Let your creativity out through delicious pastries. Baking is its own art form especially when you consider just how complex the recipes and design can get. Start with some simpler recipes like cupcakes and cookies or dive straight into the deep end with a full 3-tiered cake.

The best part is that you get to have a treat after all your efforts!

Find your new passion today!

Now, the hard part is finding your new passion! Don’t be afraid to try something new once or twice before finding the perfect fit for you. Our blog has an endless list of new things you can learn for fresh ideas and inspiration, so check back regularly to find out how you can spend your free time. Expand your horizons and enjoy the benefits of having a hobby and find yours now with Textura Trading.

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