Master your hobbies with the help of Textura Trading!

Textura Trading began as a passion project among friends who shared a love for pursuing our hobbies. We wanted to create a space where others could freely explore their interests and gain knowledge on how to master them. 

Through our website, we hope to encourage more people to take time for themselves and gain enjoyment outside of the daily hustle and bustle of life. Perhaps we can even help you turn your passion into a business prospect that will allow you to earn a stable income while doing what you love.

What we write about,

In a nutshell, we write about anything and everything under the sun as long as it’s about pursuing one’s passion. We cover a wide range of topics we think will be of interest to our readers. Some of the topics we often cover are:

  1. Arts

In the Arts category, we tackle all you can think of about the Art industry. This includes different art styles and traditions from different countries and cultures, tips and tricks when making your art, and the best tools to use for your designs.

  1. Crafting

Crafting is a wide category in itself; the five most common types of crafting are textile, decorative, paper, functional, and fashion. No matter what type of crafting you enjoy, we’ve likely covered it. If you’re looking for guides and instructions to create a seamless crafting process, check out our Crafts page from the menu. 

  1. Photography

When it comes to photography, there is only so much that can be taught. The best way to learn this hobby is by grabbing your camera and getting first-hand experience by trying out different cameras and compositions. On our end, we’ll share our knowledge on the technical aspects of photography, improve your composition, and essential hacks to mastering the art.

Our writers

Since we cover a wide range of topics for our community of hobbyists, we have also enlisted a diverse set of writers that covers subject matters they’re passionate about. From a small group of 5 friends who began this site, we now have a team of fifty writers to make sure that we can deliver helpful articles for all your hobby needs. 

Learn and have fun with Textura Trading

If you’re looking for a sign to take a break from the stress of your daily routine and pursue your passions, then this is it. Here at Textura Trading, it is our hope and dream to help all the hobbyists out there to get better at doing what they love.

Can’t find your hobby on the menu list? The listed categories on our site are blanket terms for many different subtopics. You can try searching for your hobby in the search box and see if we’ve covered it before. If not, you can always submit a topic and we’ll make sure to add it to the list of our subjects to cover.