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Yarn Information 

| Tencel | Cashmere | Silk |
| Hemp | JAGGERSPUN | Mousse Wool Boucle |
| High Twist | Stretch Wool | Jump (Stretch Viscose) |
| Industrial Cotton/Polyester Thread |
| Jelly Cord | Coated Cotton | Raffia
| Blends with Steel | 100% Steel | Fine Wire |
| Retro-Reflective | Thermoplastic
 | Paper |
| UV Color Change | SILK CITY |

NOTE: Items in this color are O/S (out-of-stock.) Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when such items return to stock. Some may never return, because of conditions beyond our control but we still list them so you can know, yes, you did buy them from us! And we will keep trying to find them.

Tencel® and Lyocell

At one time, two companies produced lyocell: Acordis Fibres owned the brand name Tencel® Lyocell and Lenzing produces Lyocell by Lenzing®. Lenzing, however, recently bought the Tencel name. A cellulosic fiber derived from wood pulp from managed forests, the fiber is produced with a non-toxic solvent, with minimal environmental impact. It is the first man-made fiber for weaving to greatly exceed the strength of cotton when wet; in fact, it is the strongest cellulosic fiber known. One of Tencel's properties is that it has the potential to fibrillate, forming small split-off fibers. The result is a characteristic peach-fuzz surface. We love this fiber for its wonderful luster, fluid drape and luscious hand.

Tencel is extremely strong when wet, and dyes beautifully using fiber reactive dyes, such as Procion MX and Sabracron F.

Finishing can be done in the washing machine and dryer, or as appropriate for the textile. Hard press with high heat and steam, to enhance the suppleness and sheen.

There are several types of Tencel lyocell, depending on the end use. We use exclusively A100 Tencel in our yarns, as this type provides the most consistent results and no special treatment is required.

We offer four weights of 100% Tencel:

  • 30/2 Tencel, undyed only.
  • 20/2 Tencel, undyed only.
  • 10/2 Tencel, undyed and these sixteen colors: Violet, Emerald, Cobalt, Persian Red, Adobe, Tussah, Herb Green, Purple Sage, Mauve, Indigo, Black, Acorn, Silver, Seafoam, Moroccan Blue and Gold.
  • 5/2 Tencel, undyed and Purple Sage, Herb Green, other colors coming.



  • 30/2/4 Tencel, available in two colors: Aster Purple and Turf Green.



We also offer a Tencel and Combed Cotton yarn (60/40) available in two weights:

  • 20/2 Tencel/Cotton, undyed only.
  • 10/2 Tencel/Cotton, undyed and these two colors: Tussah and Black.


NEW: Crepe Twist 2/30 Nm. Tencel/Wool 48%/52%. Available in Black on kilo cones or on approximately one pound dye skeins. The twist is fabulous on this yarn and the natural dyes up beautifully using fiber reactive dyes. Please note that this is a metric count yarn, running 7440 yards per pound.

Tips for weaving with Tencel:

  • Sett on the denser side
  • Weave with a consistent, but light tension
  • Advance the warp frequently



Cashmere and Cashmere Blends

Our Cashmere and Cashmere blends are from the best Italian mills and are exceptional quality. Available on two ounce cones, with additional ounce pricing for larger quantities.

Shamir: Ultrafine Cashmere 2/30 Nm. in natural creamy white. 7440 yards per pound.

Fine quality Cashmere Yarn 2/28 Nm. Approximately 7000 yarns per pound. Available in these rich colors:

  • Natural
  • Green Haze
  • Thistle
  • Ultraviolet
  • Amber Green
  • Cypress
  • Deep Teal
  • Blue Mist
  • Dusk Blue
  • Cinnabar
  • Red Plum
  • Black
Colors are for reference only. Please contact us for information about obtaining color cards.


Extrafine Cashmere 2/45 Nm. 11,160 yards per pound. Available in these six colors:

  • Melange/Heather
    • Silver Birch
    • Mocha
    • Seafoam
    • Blue-Violet Cloud
  • Solid
    • Light Jade
    • Black


2/45 Nm. Cashmina - 70% Cashmere/30% Silk 11,160 yards per pound. Available in these two melange colors:

  • White Sand
  • Charcoal


35% Cashmere/35% Extrafine Merino Wool/30% Silk - 2/28 Nm. Colors available:

  • Persian Red
  • Parisian Blue
  • Loden
  • Black
  • Pale Yellow
  • Apricot Creme
  • Seashell




We offer a fine 60/2 spun silk yarn and a singles spun Tussah silk.


Hemp (O/S)


Hemp cultivation for fiber is recorded as far back as 2800 BC in China. Hemp is one of the longest, strongest natural fibers on earth, two or three times stronger than cotton. It can be grown in just about any climate and, with the proper cultivation and rotation practices, without the need for chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and fertilizers. It tends to be mold, bacteria, heat and ultraviolet light resistant. The fiber strands from the plant are over six feet long, with an irregular surface.

Our 100% hemp is from Europe and is a light honey color. Click on the photo for a larger version

We also offer 16/2 hemp/cotton at 6720 ypp. Creamy color and very smooth.




Fine quality, 100% worsted spun wool and wool-silk yarns.



Mousse Wool Boucle

Superior quality merino wool 80% and nylon 20% boucle yarn from Italy. This is a special offer, when it's gone, it's gone, so don't delay! Available in these five colors: (photos do not reflect the beauty of these colors) OUT OF STOCK.

  • Sunburst
  • Ocean (O/S)
  • Cedar (O/S)
  • Leaf
  • Autumn



High Twist Yarns


  • High-Twist Lyocell/Linen 17/1: 70% Lyocell/30% Flax, available in Z twist. OUT OF STOCK.

  • High-Twist Rayon Crepe 12/1: Available in both S and Z twist, with either a blue or pink fugitive colorant to distinguish the two.


Stretch Wool

85% Extra-fine Merino wool/15% Elité.

Elité is a new fiber with innovative features in the world of fashion and clothes : elastic but soft, strong without being harsh, it is easy to dye and helps to maintain a comfortable microclimate around the body. The particular elastic qualities of Elité are developed in all three dimensions so that they create a bulk, unlike ordinary elastic yarns, which only develop in a linear direction. Available in 16 gorgeous colors: (only a little of one color is left, Foliage.)

  • White
  • Black
  • Latte
  • Pineneedle
  • Midnight Blue
  • Burgundy
  • Pink Parfait
  • Orchid
  • Pansy
  • Denim
  • Moss
  • Foliage
  • Lime
  • Sunset Gold
  • Autumn Leaves
  • Poppy Red
Colors are for reference only.


Stretch Viscose - Jump

64% Viscose/36% Elité.

Elité is a new fiber with innovative features in the world of fashion and clothes : elastic but soft, strong without being harsh, it is easy to dye and helps to maintain a comfortable microclimate around the body. The particular elastic qualities of Elité are developed in all three dimensions so that they create a bulk, unlike ordinary elastic yarns, which only develop in a linear direction.
NOTE: this was a Silk City close-out, which we bought in its entirety to maintain the availability of Jump. Quantities of each color may be limited, ask.
Colors available:

Notes on dark colors, which may be difficult to distinguish on some monitors: Army has a greenish cast, Dark Slate gray, and Valerian purple. Cocoa is dark brown, Midnight is very dark purple, and Onyx is very black, Cream is warmer than Purity (for reference, Onyx and Cream are sold out)


Industrial Cotton/Polyester Thread

Cotton coated Polyester thread, T105 runs  4,700 YPP. Available in White, can be dyed, and is put up on 6,000 yard cones. This thread is perfect for dévoré, a process by which the cellulose portion of a cloth is devoured by the application of a commercial burnout solution. Wherever the solution is applied, the cotton is devoured to leave only the fine polyester core. The burned out areas are structurally sound but relatively transparent.

We now also have this thread in T40. 12,400 YPP, 6,000 yards per cone.


Jelly Cord

Very cool fine plastic cording! Put up on 72 yard spools in 8 colors:

  • Clear
  • Hot Pink
  • Bright Orange
  • Bright Yellow
  • Bright Green
  • Raspberry
  • Blue
  • Purple



Coated Cotton Yarn


An incredible yarn made from a polyurethane coated cotton! Wonderful for crochet and knit items - such as handbags and hats. May also be used for weaving - it would make terrific table settings, upholstery and light floor mats. The leather-like look would also lend itself to garments.

Very unique! Click on the picture above to see the yarn up close.

Available in five colors: white, black, grey, olive, and brown (a true chocolate brown!) It is approximately 2280 yards per pound and is wound onto 4 oz. cones. (We added Beige, not shown.) OUT OF STOCK.


Raffia Yarn (O/S)

100% Viscose Yarn, terrific crisp hand and fabulous earthy colors: Aubergine, Peat, Camel, Spice, Pale Yellow, Grey, Ecru. OUT OF STOCK.

Viscose/Stainless Steel (O/S)

63% Viscose/37% Stainless Steel.
Crisp hand, crinkly texture.

Cotton and Stainless Steel (O/S)


A 3-ply cotton twisted with a fine strand of stainless steel. This fine yarn, at 12,656 yards per pound, is designed to create a crinkled fabric, with its tight twist and fine steel strand.

Available in natural, on 2.2 lb. full cones or 4 oz. wind-offs. This yarn may be dyed as you would any other cotton.

Merino Wool and Stainless Steel


This yarn is a fine merino singles plied with a very fine strand of steel. Available in black only. The yarn is suitable for garments, and has a remarkably soft hand. The steel gives the yarn a reflective surface, as well as giving the finished fabric a crimped and crinkled surface. OUT OF STOCK.

Click on the photo for a larger version.

Care Instructions for 33nm Merino/Steel:

To highlight the softness and bulkiness of the yarn, we recommend a gentle wet finishing for about 3 minutes in 35°C (95°F) water with 2-3% softener on weight of goods. Steam finish and press.

  • Hand Wash
  • No Bleach
  • Low Heat
  • Dryclean in any solvent except trichloroethylene; reduced cycle, moisture and heat.
  • Dry Flat

Microscope image of Merino/Steel knit fabric:





We are quite impressed with this yarn, but we have not yet seen any pieces woven with it. The yarn consists of 275 12 micron stainless steel continuous fibers, doubled, so it is 2x275. It is about 1000 meters per kilogram, which translates to about 500 yards per lb. It is soft and shiny. Daniel wrapped it around a pencil and came up with 44 wraps per inch, which is close to what we get for our 10/2 Tencel, 4200 ypp. So it is quite dense, as would be expected! $65.00 per 250 g. spool. We also have 2x100 in the same steel and 2x100 in Nickel-Chromium high-temperature (1400 degrees F.) steel.

Ultra Fine Tinned Copper Wire


Especially fine wire. We still have some 3-strand 38 gauge. (5-strand 38 gauge and single strand 40 gauge are now gone.) For garments, baskets, sculpture! Also perfect for machine knit jewelry! Comes on approximately 2 pound spools, a wire of this type normally sells for $80/lb. This is a special offer for $20/lb.

Retro-reflective Yarn w./dissolving fiber (O/S)


This yarn transforms itself from a matte silver, taking on a luminous glow when viewed from the approximate direction of the light source. This is spectacular at night.

The composition of the retro-reflective portion is the same as the slit yarn below. It is plied with a dissolvable fiber (12%) for ease in handling. The dissolving fiber easily washes out at temperatures of 90°C (194°F).

Retro-Reflective Yarn at the Textile Museum

We recently had a wonderful visit to the Textile Museum in Washington DC. Cynthia Schira has a large piece in the show incorporating our Retro-Reflective yarn - if you missed the show, here is an opportunity to see what you missed! Thanks to Cynthia for allowing us to post these pictures here! (These pieces were made with the slit yarn, below.)


Microscope images of Retro-reflective yarn before and after removing dissolving fiber:


Retro-reflective Slit Yarn


For weaving, knitting and braiding - this yarn has 50,000 minute glass beads to the square inch, reflecting light back to a light source. (This is not the same as fiberglass - there are none of the risks of fiberglass in working with this yarn.) Available in three widths: 1/69" (3050 ypp), 1/32" (1400 ypp) and 1/23" (1000 ypp).

Laundering should be by hand or machine at less than 125 degrees F. Avoid bleach. Iron on lowest heat setting.

Composition: 16% Polyester, 59% Glass Beads, 12.5% Phenolic Resin, 12.5% Urethane Adhesive

We also have engineering grade (not as reflective) round retroreflective embroidery thread on small cones.



Thermoplastic Yarn


100% Polyester Thermoplastic. According to the finishing process, you may obtain different surface states for different uses: soft fabric or "leather look", semi-rigid fabric, or a plasticized structure. In white only. OUT OF STOCK.



Paper Yarn


This 2mm slit paper yarn comes from Japan and is made from Manila linen. Be sure to see the wonderful examples of fabrics woven using this yarn in the Nuno books!

Click on the photo for a larger version.

We also have ito gami paper made with pineapple fiber. Available in three shades, 18"x24" sheets.


UV Color Changing Embroidery Thread

White polyester embroidery thread that changes to one of 7 colors in sunlight. The change is instant and then slowly fades back to white. We are offering a starter pack with 200 yards each of red, yellow, orange, blue, green, purple, and magenta. Also available are individual 700 yard, 1100 yard and 3300 yard spools.


Color to Color Changing Thread

The same as the white embroidery thread, but now available in Peach to Wine, Blue to Purple, Yellow to Orange, and Pink to Magenta! On 700 yard and 1100 yard spools, or a starter pack of 250 yards each of all four colors.





We now supply all Silk City yarns for drop shipment. Because they are drop shipped, we are able to discount them by 20%. For a complete list, see: Silk City Yarns


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