Persian Rugs


Tabriz rugs are among the most beautiful and legendary Persian carpets ever made. Tabriz is an ancient city in North Western Iran and it is probably responsible for producing the largest percentage of all Persian rugs. There can be many different unique designs but most of the time the pattern in a Tabriz rug is filled with dense floral motifs, with large palmettes, vases, foliage, and small flowers and garden elements scattered with wild profusion. The quality is exceptional in Tabriz made carpets. Many colors can be seen, such as burgundy, red, ivory and different creams, baby or navy blue, tan, or green. There can be rugs of this type with a medallion or without one, and geometric designs are also seen sometimes. Tabriz has sub-styles as well, including the beautiful Tabatabaie designs. The city of Tabriz is eminent around the world because of its incredibly rich history. Some fine Tabriz carpets have been auctioned for well over a million dollars. There is no questioning the absolute beauty and elegance that a fine authentic Tabriz Persian rug will bring to one's home.


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