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News and Specials 



We are happy to announce the opening of a wiki for our customers, as well as for the stores which sell our wholesale products (Tencel, Angelina fiber & the related book, Bo-Nash).
The wiki is still rather primitive and may be frustrating to the technically unsophisticated, but it won't bite -- you can at least read the pages without much problem.
Anyone may edit these pages by registering at the wiki (there is a registration option on the log-in window). Once you have registered and have followed the instructions in the confirmation email that will be sent to you, you will be able to log in and create and edit pages, except for a few that we have locked. (You do not need to register to read the wiki.)
In particular, resellers and artists selling or using our products are invited to list themselves on appropriate wiki pages, and to create their own pages.
Eventually, we will have how-to-use instructions on the wiki, but for the time being you can write to sales AT texturatrading DOT com if you have any questions or need assistance. Your questions, in fact, will help us to put together the help material.


By popular demand, we have arranged with the makers of Bo-Nash, a powder which can be used to bind fibers with an iron, to resell the product, including wholesaling it to other resellers. It's not in the web catalog yet, but ask if you are interested in Bo-Nash. (Bo-Nash is commonly used with Angelina, which is why it was of interest to us.)


Jump is a stretch viscose yarn, 36% Elite. Our customers have been using it in place of the Stretch Wool that, unfortunately, became unavailable. We had been buying this yarn from Silk City, but Silk City was discontinuing it. In order to keep this yarn available to those who need it, we decided to purchase the entire remaining stock. The price is $45 per lb, compared with our prior $56 per lb. We can also offer a standard discount to our wholesale customers. Available in over 30 colors. As with most of our yarns, we can do windoffs for $5 per cone, so you could buy only a few ounces if that is what you need.

Between the Sheets with Angelina

This is a fabulous book, copiously illustrated with the best Angelina photos we've seen, describing how to use Angelina in various craft projects, especially the heat-bondable forms. Highly Recommended! $23.95.

Stainless Steel Yarns

We have a number of weights and varieties of 100% Stainless Steel yarn, all composed of 12 micron (one-half of one-thousandth of an inch) continuous steel fiber. In 316L steel, optimized for chemical resistance, we have 2x275 fiber yarn (two strands, 275 fibers per strand), approx 500 ypp, and 2x100 fiber yarn, approx 1400 ypp. In NiCr steel, optimized for high-temperature operation -- 1400 deg. C. -- we have a little 3x1000, estimated at approx 100 ypp; we also have 2x100 NiCr yarn, including thrums at a bargain price. All this yarn is soft and supple because the fibers are so small.

Soy Protein

We now are stocking Soy Protein yarn. This is a 32/2 nm yarn, 7950 ypp. Available at this time as only undyed, natural honey color. We expect this to remain a standard product. $40.00/lb. We are wholesaling this yarn as well, so you can ask your local yarn shop to stock it!

5/2 100% A100 Tencel

We've added 5/2 Tencel to our range of Tencel weights. [June update:  it is available in natural plus Purple Sage and Herb Green. Eventually all of our color palette will be stocked.]

5/2, 20/2, 30/2 Tencel Dyed Colors

We are gradually dyeing all the weights in the same colors as our 10/2 Tencel. Black is now available in limited quantities in 20/2 and 30/2, look for more colors beginning in February. [June update: due to a situation with our dye house, the availability of these dyed colors has been postponed.]

10/2 Organic Cotton

We have an end lot of 10/2 natural organic cotton at a great price: $9.50 per lb., on cones of approx 3 lbs.

Silk City

We now offer all Silk City yarns for drop-shipment, same as we do with Jaggerspun. Because we don't have to stock them, we can discount them 20% off the normal retail. If you are going to buy substantial quantities of Silk City yarn, however, you should investigate getting an account with them, your pricing will be even better.

New Angelina Fiber Types

We have three colors of Crimped Angelina: Enchanted Forest, Purple Flash, and Crystal Aurora Borealis. This Angelina is heavier than our normal Angelina: the first two colors are 58 denier and the Crystal color is 29 denier. By special order, we can obtain crimped Angelina for most colors, ask.

New Hours

We are open 10am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, Eastern Time, for telephone orders and inquiries. We are closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Laura is usually in the office during those times; however, she can be in and out, and we currently have no other person dedicated to covering the phone; plus, when she is getting orders ready for UPS shipment, she sometimes needs to stop answering the phone.  However, we will respond to voicemail, email and faxes as soon as possible after receipt, sometimes even if we are out of the office. So if you have an urgent requirement, please go ahead and leave a message or send an email or fax. Email is recommended for everything except sending credit card numbers, because we regularly check our e-mail even if we are traveling. We also receive our faxes by email.

We prefer email or fax for orders because fewer mistakes are made; however, feel free to call us

Clearance Specials

We have some non-standard dye lot 10/2 Tencel, Violet. This yarn did not color-match, and it was apparently stripped and redyed, so some of it may be slightly weaker than normal and may have some small, occasional variation in color. We'd recommend it for warp and variegated patterns, not solid color. 50% off. ($9.98/lb.) Ask for a sample if you have any question about it.

Similarly, we have a lot of 10/2 Tencel, that was stripped and not re-dyed. It has been weakened, but would be suitable for weft. 50% off. (6.48/lb).

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Publishing Offer

If your work, using our yarns or fibers, is published in a fiber arts magazines listing us as a source, we would like to defray the cost of the yarn and fiber used. Ask us!

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We want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of our truly amazing customers. It is always a pleasure to receive email, cards, samples and scans of and about your inspiration work! Our goal is to be a friendly and reliable source for unique and innovative products. Please let us know if there is something that you would like us to offer or if there are ways we can serve you even better. And most importantly, let us know when there is a problem! We want the opportunity to make it right! Your feedback is always appreciated!

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