Persian Rugs


Heriz carpets are tribal hand-woven rugs produced by Azerbaijan Turkish inhabitants of the city of Heriz in Northwestern Iran. They are famous among designers because of their soft earth tone colors and geometric pattern. While no two Heriz carpets are identical, they generally tend to have a recognizable similarity. Most have a large central medallion embedded within a lighter field, and the main color scheme of the rug is usually some shade of rust. Rugs made in this area are highly prized for their marvelous design and sturdiness. Their charm lies mainly in the balance of the colors. Today, some of the largest carpets produced in Iran are from Heriz. Smaller sizes are rare for this group. The richly textured pile of Heriz rugs is deep and robust and the theme isnīt too overwhelming. The Authentic Heriz Persian rug is an excellent floor piece that will look beautiful for many years.


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