The garment shown in the images below was made with Angelina created by Penny Muncaster-Jewell, a fiber artist, teacher and artist from the Houston Area. The model is Allison Hallmark and the pictures were taken by Penny. This garment was featured in the Spring 2006 Quilting Arts Magazine, and receives many compliments whenever it is shown. Penny used approximately 6 half ounce packets of Angelina in Gold Iris Mix, Opal Sparkle, Crystal Amethyst, Desert Sunset Sparkle, Mint Sparkle, and Calyspo Blue. From this she created very thin sheets of blended Angelina. She had enough to do the jacket, samples and purse trim.  She then digitized the embroidery designs to attach the Angelina Sheets to the antique gold crystal organza. The designs were digitized, with permission, from the Golden Threads designs from Earthlines by Julie Mullin, the Bamboo forest designs.  The large Bamboo design was used to attach the Angelina, and the smaller angled bamboo was done in two sizes, to accent the pants and top in Pecan Colored Silk Dupioni, and the smaller size on the purse, collar and cuffs of the jacket. Penny is a true Angelina fanatic, since she has always been attracted to shiny things. To see more of Penny's work please visit her website at .
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